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The purpose of this webpage and subsequent document is to provide information to existing and prospective investors, and potential commercial partners, about the current status of BCAL’s research and development. It is not intended to promote the use or supply of any therapeutic goods.

BCAL Presentations 

Keep updated here through downloadable links to BCAL's presentations

So Brave presentation

May 2022

BCAL's Executive Chair Jayne Shaw and Co-Founder Dr Mary Rickards joins Australian young women's breast cancer charity So Brave to discuss the BCAL test and story

Breast Cancer Awareness Educational Session 

October 2021

In light of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, BCAL held an education session led by Jayne Shaw, Mary Rickard, Cindy Mak and Gillian Lamoury, chaired by Sanjay Warrier.

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Three Women
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