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ASX Announcements / Media releases

The purpose of this webpage and subsequent document is to provide information to existing and prospective investors, and potential commercial partners, about the current status of BCAL’s research and development. It is not intended to promote the use or supply of any therapeutic goods.

15 Nov 2022

Shareholder Newsletter. Read more

25 October 2022

Establishment of Development & Clinical Services Laboratory. Read more

16 Jan 2023

ASX Announcement. Read more

24 Apr 2023

ASX Announcement. Read more

16 May 2023

ASX Announcement. Read more

28 June 2022

BCAL Enters US Product Development Agreement with Precion. Read more

1 June 2022

BCAL Presentation Accepted for 2022 ASCO Annual Meeting. Read more

12 May 2022

BCAL Files Foundational Patent Application. Read more

24 Mar 2022

Shareholder Newsletter. Read more

8 Feb 2022

7 February Announcement - Additional Information. Read more

7 Feb 2022

Recent Analysis Significantly Improves Commercial Prospects. Read more

11 Jan 2022

Dr John Hurrell Appointed Chief Executive Officer. Read more

3 Nov 2021

Strong Cohort 4 Testing Data Demonstrates Value of BCAL Test. Read more

21 Oct 2021

Notice of Annual General Meeting and Explanatory Statement. Read more

3 Sep 2021

Australian Clinical Studies Launched. Read more

17 Aug 2021

Market Update. Read more

22 July 2021

Becoming a substantial holder. Read more

21 July 2021

BCAL Diagnostics to list after raising $10m in IPO. Read more

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