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IMNIS Industry Mentoring Network in STEM

Working in the Australian biotechnology industry since 2007, scientist and entrepreneur, Dr Dharmica Mistry, shared the challenges she faced in moving from basic research to translational research and co-founding BCAL Diagnostics. With a PhD from Macquarie University, Dharmica is an inventor on one of BCAL Diagnostics’ founding patents and manages the scientific operations of the company. […]

Australian Scientists behind a game changing discovery

Dharmica Mistry is one of the Australian scientists behind a game changing discovery that will make it possible to detect breast cancer through a blood test. Studies so far indicate an accuracy rate of 90 per cent. Mammography, by comparison, has a 65 to 80 per cent accuracy rate, depending on breast density. The test […]


Dr Dharmica Mistry is one of the Australian scientists behind a groundbreaking discovery that will make it possible to detect breast cancer through a blood test. It was pure chance that led Dr Dharmica Mistry to make the discovery that could change the lives of millions of people affected by breast cancer. Since that day, […]

Morgans 40 under 40 – Dharmica Mistry, BCAL Diagnostics

In the latest instalment of the 40 under 40 series, Morgans Adviser Chris Titley spoke with Dharmica Mistry PhD, Chief Scientist of BCAL Diagnostics. Dharmica discusses her background and the personal experiences which led to the founding of BCAL. This insightful and inspiring interview covers the challenges in breast cancer screening, the way forward for technology […]

Scientific Advances

Independent Publication BCAL Dx’s approach to testing for breast cancer has been further independently validated with the publication of a paper by a group at Rush Medical University in Chicago. Their paper, highlighted in our July Newsletter, gave further strong support to BCAL Dx unique approach. The company is well advanced in collaborative discussions with […]

Commercial Progress

In August 2016 BCAL Dx welcomed Carl Stubbings to head the company’s commercialisation efforts. Carl has considerable experience in the commercialisation of diagnostic products with a particular focus on the USA. Carl’s bio is available on the BCAL Dx website. Regulatory Strategy and Market Roll Out BCAL Dx is pleased to report that the company […]

High Profile in Australian Media

In the media , thanks to our Chief Scientist Dr. Dharmica Mistry, 2016 was a very strong year for publicity with Dharmica featuring (click on the image to go to the article): In the Australian Financial Review (AFR) in February In a in depth interview with Fran Kelly on ABC Radio National also in March In the October […]

Patent Expansion

BCAL Dx successfully secured patents in Australia and Japan. BCAL Dx has an exclusive global license to the blood testing technology from the University of Louisville (UoL) in the US. We have been working with the UoL over the last three years to prosecute the patents. In May 2016, the Japanese patent was granted and […]


Last month, Dr Peter French took to the stage to represent BCAL Dx at the final global round of the 1776 Challenge Cup. This follows BCAL Dx’s successful regional round in Singapore earlier this year. BCAL Dx was one of 60 finalists in the global round and one of only five companies to progress through […]


A paper published on 2 May 2016 has independently validated and peer reviewed BCAL Dx’s underlying science and gives further support to the development of the BCAL Diagnostics technology. The paper, “Plasma lipidomics profiling identified lipid biomarkers in distinguishing early-stage breast cancer from benign lesions,” was published by a group of researchers at The Fourth Hospital […]