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Welcome to BCAL

BCAL is commercialising a next-generation, patient-friendly blood test to enable more effective diagnosis of breast cancer alongside other screening methods


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A Leading Biotechnology Company

BCAL Diagnostics Limited is an Australian biotechnology company committed to improved health outcomes for women. Over the past decade, BCAL has developed a non-invasive blood screening technology that is initially intended to be used alongside breast cancer screening methods, with results to date demonstrating 90% sensitivity and 85.5% specificity. The technology will initially complement current imaging technologies, such as the mammogram, while BCAL further progresses the development of a monitoring and screening test suitable for women of all ages and backgrounds in any location.


With more than two million new cases of breast cancer diagnosed globally each year, a substantial opportunity exists for BCAL to improve patient outcomes. BCAL has partnered with Precion Inc. to optimise protocols and procedures for the clinical studies required for regulatory approvals across several jurisdictions, commercialisation and market entry points.


Founded in 2010, BCAL is headquartered in Sydney and listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX:BDX).

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BCAL Diagnostics is developing a blood screening tool that is intended to be used alongside breast cancer screening methods 


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