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Welcome to BCAL Diagnostics

Developing a non-invasive, blood screening test to be used alongside current breast cancer screening methods.


About BCAL Diagnostics

A Leading Biotechnology Company

BCAL Diagnostics Limited is an Australian biotechnology company committed to improved health outcomes for women. Over the past decade, BCAL has developed a non-invasive blood screening test that is initially intended to be used alongside breast cancer screening methods, with results to date demonstrating 91% sensitivity and 80% specificity. The technology will initially complement current imaging technologies, such as the mammogram, while BCAL further progresses the development of a monitoring and screening test suitable for women of all ages and backgrounds in any location. With more than two million new cases of breast cancer diagnosed globally each year, a substantial opportunity exists for BCAL to improve patient outcomes.

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Our Story

BCAL Diagnostics Team

BCAL Diagnostics has a dedicated team of individuals with the aim of delivering an accessible technology with results to be used in conjunction with other screening tools to improve clinical diagnosis and management.


We're thrilled to announce that the review manuscript for UNSW titled Biomarker reproducibility challenge: A review of non-nucleotide biomarker discovery protocols from body fluids in breast cancer diagnosis. Authors: Fatemeh Safari, Cheka Kehelpannala, Azadeh Safarchi, Amani Batarseh, Fatemeh Vafaee has been accepted for publication. Read here

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