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BCAL is developing a novel blood screening test to improve the early diagnosis and monitoring of breast cancer that is safe, cost effective, accurate and available to all women regardless of age, race and geographic location. Breast cancer is the most common cancer amongst women, therefore, improving the effectiveness of the screening and diagnosis technology used is a high priority.


The Company

Since forming in 2010, BCAL Diagnostics has been striving to address the issues surrounding the early detection and a more accurate method of screening for breast cancer


The BCAL Test

The current breast cancer screening (BCS) market is dominated by imaging technologies such as Mammograms and Ultrasound. BCS is one of the few screening tests with broad government funding

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Our Mission

BCAL Diagnostics aims to shift the paradigm in breast cancer screening and diagnosis by introducing a blood test for detection of the disease. The implication of such a technology could revolutionise the way we prevent and manage breast cancer by allowing a blood sample to be taken remote from the site of analysis.

This means that the technology will allow access to more women, anywhere in the world, who could provide a blood sample, at a time and place of their convenience. Such a test would fit into a woman's routine health regime and be incorporated into their personal lifestyle.

In addition, with such high levels of accuracy, this technology would provide greater peace of mind, for a woman, between annual checks.

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Our Story


At BCAL Diagnostics, we know that early diagnosis of breast cancer and early intervention will improve clinical outcomes and survivability rate for all women. BCAL Diagnostics has a dedicated team of individuals with an aim of delivering this test to all women, everywhere. 


Past Events


Aus Biz TV Interview


Heads Over Heels 

BCAL Diagnostics has closed off a $4M pre-IPO capital raise to fund trials of its breast cancer blood test. Chairperson Jayne Shaw says it could revolutionise how we detect cancer cells.

Jan 2021

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BCAL Diagnostics Presents at Heads Over Heels Melbourne

June 06, 2019


Contest For International Entrepreneurs

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Sydney Knowledge Hub

BCAL Diagnostics Wins "Win The Future" Contest For International Entrepreneurs in Oceania Programme

October 26, 2019

BCAL Diagnostics partners with Sydney Knowledge Hub And Sydney Mass Spectrometry



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For more information on BCAL Diagnostics, its projects and investment opportunities please contact us.

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