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    BCAL is developing non-invasive technologies to assist clinicians in the detection of breast cancer

  • 1 in 7 Women

    Will receive a breast cancer diagnosis in their lifetime.
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1 in 7 women in Australia

will receive a breast cancer diagnosis during their lifetime.

Clinical Trials

BCAL Diagnostics: Advancing Breast Cancer Diagnosis
BCAL Diagnostics is developing a blood screening tool that is intended to be used alongside breast cancer screening methods

If you'd like to participate in our clinical trials, please register via the link below.

Who we are

BCAL Diagnostics Limited, an Australian biotechnology screening and diagnostic company, is dedicated to achieving early and accurate diagnoses of breast cancer. The company's primary focus is on facilitating early intervention, ultimately leading to improved outcomes for women. 

For more than a decade, BCAL has been developing non-invasive technologies to assist clinicians in the detection of breast cancer. The cutting-edge technology is initially designed to complement existing imaging technologies such as the mammogram, our innovative technology seeks to evolve into a comprehensive monitoring and screening tool accessible to women of all ages and backgrounds, regardless of location. 

Our goal is to enhance early detection and improve the overall efficacy of breast cancer screening methods.
About BCAL Diagnostics

What we do

About BCAL Diagnostics
BCAL Diagnostics is a pioneering Australian company, dedicated to early breast cancer diagnosis. We are developing non-invasive diagnostic tools that are intended to complement existing imaging technologies.

Our goal is to provide reliable results that can seamlessly integrate with other breast cancer screening tools, empowering healthcare professionals to make informed decisions and effectively enhance patient outcomes. 

Partnering with Precion Inc., we optimise protocols for global regulatory approvals, leading the charge in breast cancer innovation.

How we impact

BCAL Diagnostics has been developing a non-invasive diagnostic tool over the past decade, which is designed to benefit women of all ages and backgrounds, enhancing outcomes through assisting in timely intervention and advanced screening.
Our Reports

An effective and accurate blood test should increase the screening detection rate and reduce mortality Lipidomic signature from plasma to detect localised breast cancer 

A/Prof. Gillian Lamoury, BMed FRANZCR, Radiation Oncologist
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