Scientific Advances

Independent Publication

BCAL Dx’s approach to testing for breast cancer has been further independently validated with the publication of a paper by a group at Rush Medical University in Chicago. Their paper, highlighted in our July Newsletter, gave further strong support to BCAL Dx unique approach. The company is well advanced in collaborative discussions with this group to further enhance the BCAL Test.

BCAL Dx Publication

In November 2016, Dr. Dharmica Mistry and Dr. Peter French published an article in a peer-reviewed journal on behalf of BCAL Dx. The article, "Circulating Phospholipids as Biomarkers of Breast Cancer: a review” provides the theory behind the BCAL Dx technology. The publication of this paper is further strong endorsement of BCAL Dx’s approach and highlights the scientific credibility associated with the BCAL Test. Other publications are being prepared to build on this first article.  Download PDF


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