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Our Innovative Technology

BCAL is developing a novel blood test to improve the early diagnosis and monitoring of breast cancer by identifying, measuring and validating specific biomarkers enriched from patient’s blood.

Using mass spectrometry and machine learning, the BCAL approach to date, is delivering high sensitivity for early invasive ductal carcinoma detection in two cohorts. Once validated in larger cohorts, this test has the potential to compliment or replace mammography in the future.

To our knowledge, the BCAL test is the first commercial test being developed of its kind that uses plasma lipids as markers for breast cancer detection.

The BCAL technology could utilise a single blood test on multiple levels:

1. Disease detection: Assess the presence of the disease in women who have a familial history for breast cancer

2. Diagnostic mass screening: Routinely screen women who are at risk of developing the disease and those women with any breast abnormalities

3. Post-intervention: Monitor patients who have had breast cancer for recurrence and the effectiveness of treatment

BCAL Diagnostics Workflow

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