My dream is to have this for every woman: The young doctor who made a breast breakthrough – SBS News The Feed

Dr Dharmica Mistry’s eureka moment came during her monthly beauty routine of spraying olive oil in her hair.

She realised that oils from the blood of breast cancer patients was being deposited in their hair and that a simple blood test could screen for the disease.

Although the test is not yet on the market, preliminary results show a promising 90 per cent cancer detection rate.

“The test would be as simple as having a blood test at the GP,” says Dr Mistry.

A blood test would not only improve the role of existing screening methods like mammograms, but also revolutionise the way young women and women living in rural areas access breast cancer testing.

Right now, one in eight Australians are living with breast cancer. Today alone, around forty women will be diagnosed with the disease.

By Una Butorac Source: The Feed


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